Top Chef Masters Season 5 Episode 6

Top Chef Masters Season 5 Episode 6 Curtis Mindy Kaling

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Mindy Kaling presents the Quickfire Challenge, which is to interpret one of Mindy’s favorite romantic comedy and put it on a plate.

With thirty minutes, the scrambling and chopping and sweating begins. Sue made salty cayenne chips and pickles for Knocked Up. David made southern grits with fried duck for Sweet Home Alabama. Douglas made scrambled eggs and caviar for Midnight In Paris. Neal made Mediterranean sea bass for Vicky Christina Barcelona. Bryn made poached oysters with burrata and prosciutto for Mystic Pizza. Sang made apple pie compote with dates for When Harry Met Sally. Jennifer made insalata di frutti di mare for Roman Holiday. Sang and Jennifer had Mindy’s least favorite dishes, and Neal, Douglas, and Sue had her favorites. The winning dish is from Douglas.


David’s Sous Chef won the Sous Chef competition, so he has immunity in the next elimination challenge. Sue, Neil, and Jennifer’s Sous Chefs had the least favorite dishes, so they will not have their help during prep. Aaaaand in bounce Yo Gabba Gabba, or “a carrot and an oil can and a green thing.” The chefs have two hours to put their own spin on making healthy treats for kids that adults would also want to eat. It will be served to sixty guests who I suspect are small humans. The chefs must incorporate one of twelve kid-yucky ingredients in their dishes:

David: avocado

Sang: cauliflower

Neal: spinach

Sue: cottage cheese

Bryan: beets

Jennifer: melon

Douglas: eggplant

And, since Sue, Neal, and Jennifer’s Sous Chefs screwed up their challenge, they will also have to incorporate the dreaded brussels sprout in their dishes. Also, it’s a double elimination.

Jennifer made melon-yogurt parfait “sandwich” with pickled brussels sprouts and mint. The judges find it to be sour, which is not a flavor that kids tend to want to eat. Sang made teriyaki chicken meatballs with cauliflower foam. Neal prepared pasta with Brussels sprout and spinach Bolognese. The judges call it “genius” because it’s a sophisticated version of Chef Boyardee. Douglas made eggplant jelly with crispy rice. The judges can’t even imagine kids liking the slimy dish, which, yeah. Eew. David cooked up some avocado yogurt something-or-other that he’s calling ratatouille. The judges don’t like it, and the kids certainly don’t like it. Sue made mac and cheese with maple glazed brussels sprouts and bacon with cottage cheese. The judges call it an obvious choice and it’s kind of heavy. Bryan prepared ruby beet sorbet with toasted granola and a vanilla yogurt dome. The judges like the presentation, but the beets taste “like a face full of mud.”

Top Chef Masters Season 5 Episode 6 Yo Gabba Gabba

The critics ask to see Neal, Sang, and Douglas. They had their favorite dishes. The critics felt that Douglas’s slimy eggplant jelly was a bold dish, and the kids that tasted it realized that they kind of liked eggplant. Sang was smart by making a meatball, which is something that kids like. But Neal managed to successfully hide brussels sprouts in his dish, and for that, he gets the win.

The critics’ least favorite dishes are from Bryan, Jennifer, and Sue. Two of the chefs will be going home. Jennifer’s decision to add pickled brussels sprouts was questionable. Sue’s dish brought out the brussels sprouts flavor in the scent of the dish which made them not want to eat it before they even tried the food. Bryan’s dish was confusing to the kids because it looked so beautiful but tasted so…dirty. Bryan is safe, and Sue and Jennifer are going home. Or are they? Curtis invites them to cook one more time on Battle of the Sous Chefs, and whichever one wins gets back on the Real Chefs show.

Next week, a fishing trip.

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