The Rachel Zoe Project: Literally Maj

Rachel Zoe Literally Got Bangs

Last season, Rachel Zoe, a grizzled piece of burnt bacon, squirted a human out of her nether regions. This season, in addition to slapping oversized baubles and gewgaws on emaciated fameballs and giving her assistant an ulcer, Rachel’s literally making her own clothes. I mean she’s not sewing or anything, but still. This is maj.

To Rachel’s credit, she does light up when the nanny (and the only person of color within a five block radius) brings her son to the workroom for a brief visit. And she gets über enthusiastic at a few runway shows, gushing sophisticated word combinations such as:

  • Where is the man of the hour, that was out of control amazing…I am the most disgusting person ever, let’s go dunk our heads in ice buckets. Congratulations, honey, I’ll see you tonight, okay? Somewhere, wherever, I love you, that was heaven, that was seriously heaven.
  • There was some Anne Hathaway moments up there, for sure. 
  • I plugged your Twitter.

Okay, so the last one was from Michael Kors. Anyway, Rachel Zoe’s runway show? Oof. Her clothes are more T.J. Maxx than Saks Fifth Avenue, so maybe she should stick to styling and leave the designing to the professionals.

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