The Amazing Race Season 22 Episode 5: The Dreaded Double U-Turn

The Amazing Race Season 22 Episode 5: The Dreaded Double U-Turn

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The teams start out this leg of the race in Bali, Indonesia. The Photo That Came With Your Picture Frame leave at 5:01 a.m. and must fly to Hanoi, Vietnam and proceed to the Rap Cong Nhan Theater to find their next clue inside Gallery 42. They have sort of agreed to be eliminated in Vietnam since Dan’s doctor advised him to have surgery on his ankle within seven days, but you never know what’s going to happen in the race.

The BFFs depart next, followed by the Newlyweds. They all catch the first flight out and arrive in Hanoi at 6:00 p.m. The next batch of teams leave about two hours later, but it doesn’t matter. A nighttime arrival allows all teams to catch up, except for TPTCWYPF. They go straight to the pit stop to eliminate themselves from the race. Tears, hugs, apologies, now get the heck out of here.

Roadblock! Teams must watch the performance of a patriotic Vietnamese song and remember the last line that is written on a bunch of parisols. One team member must then find those words, without taking any notes, on one of a hundred different political posters. If they get it wrong, they will have to wait for the next performance five minutes later. There is a lot of guessing going on between performances, and BFF is the only team to get it right on the first shot. The clue sends them to Cong Vien Thong Nhat to take part in the Vietnamese bamboo dance.

Permullet, My Family Is Famous and Newlyweds finish the Roadblock next, and after only one more performance, the rest of the teams are out on the course.

After blazing through a bamboo dance that was more like stepping over a bunch of twigs, Detour! Teams must choose between Make Your Move or Make A Meal. In Make Your Move, teams must set up a giant chess game using human pieces scattered around a park. Once all of the pieces are placed in the correct position, they’ll get their next clue. In Make A Meal, teams must prepare pho by collecting two empty baskets and two baskets of chickens, purchase the right ingredients in the correct amount at a market, and prepare the food at a tiny outdoor cooking station.

Only Permullet and the Newlyweds chose the cooking challenge and quickly realize that it could be a disaster, especially for ignorant Americans who can’t identify ginger and bean sprouts. Complicating matters for Permullet is an inability to even find the market as they are taken totally out of the way by a rickshaw driver.

Team BFF finished the chess challenge just as the other teams were arriving and received a clue that sent them to the B-52 memorial. There they found a Double U-Turn and used it to U-Turn Team YouTube. The clue sends them to the pit stop at the national museum of history. They check in as team number one while everyone else is still bumbling around the course.

The chess challenge is so boring that I won’t subject you to the details except to say that My Family Is Famous is the only team struggling with the challenge. As the grey matter starts to seep out of their ears, they ask the human chess pieces for help. Team Bro, YouTube (who have no idea that they’ve been U-Turned), and Roller Derby complete the task while My Family Is Famous tries to beat an old man at his own game.

The Newlywed’s pho was delicious enough for a clue, and they are off to the B-52 memorial and then the pit stop where they check in as team number two. Roller Derby check in as team number three, with Team Bro as team number four.

Upon arriving at the U-Turn, YouTube see that they’ve been U-Turned. They decide to U-Turn Permullet as their best chance for staying in the race. The two teams run into each other at the market, where Permullet realizes that they forgot to get the chickens. That gives YouTube a chance to pull ahead of Permullet. My Family Is Famous checks in at the pit stop as team number five, and YouTube checks in as team number six.

When Permullet realize that they’ve been U-Turned, his feelings are crushed and she looks about ready to throw in the towel. But they power through, and Phil has some good news for them at the pit stop. Because Dave and Conner had to withdraw from the race, Permullet are team number seven.

Next week, teams head to Batswana and go on a hunt with Kalahari Bushmen.

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