Survivor, Episode 9: My Brother’s Keeper

Survivor Episode 9 My Brother's keeper tribe

This week on Survivor, Vytas tries to play the Aras blindside off as a great strategic move, bro. High five, bro. Then Tina’s all like “I’m not trying to start trouble, but I’m going to start trouble.” And Tina’s daughter, Katie, is all like “Mom you’re embarrassing me, you’re on your own.” Katie said “under the bus”! Drink!

Welcome to the disgusting food competition, also known as Foreign Food Is Gross Bring Me A Pizza And Fries. Forty worms. Eat forty worms. Ugh. Tyson finishes first, five fell out of Vytas’s mouth and he puts them back in, and Monica manages to get them down. The next group tries, and Ciera gives up. Hayden eats the worms, they’re biting Tina’s mouth, Gervase finishes his worms, Tina vomits, and Caleb is moving on to the next round. Pig intestines. Enjoy! Hayden can’t do it, Tyson vomits on his plate, Gervase is eating like it’s his job (which it kind of is), both Caleb and Monica are holding back vomit, and Monica is moving on. Vytas takes his last bite but can’t keep it down and Gervase takes the last spot in the final round. Congrats, you win a plate of grubs. Gervase failed at this very task in Season One, and it doesn’t look like he can do it this time, either. I had no idea that grubs were bloody! Eew! Chewing, sloshing, and Monica wins immunity. Gervase ate grubs for nothing. And pig intestines, and worms.

Back at camp, nobody knows who has the immunity idol so people want to split the votes. Then Hayden the dummy tells Vystas that it’s him and Katie. The Rules of Survivor state that you never, ever tell anyone that their name is going to be written down because they will scramble something together.

At tribal council, Vytas tells everyone know that they voted out his little brother so he is going to mess them up, and people were just intimidated by them, and Monica is a doormat, and I have no idea why he’s doing this at all. And that was enough to switch Monica’s vote from Katie to Vytas. He is voted out of the game and will join his brother at Redemption Island.

Today is bizarro day because we have a post-tribal council second immunity challenge. It’s a coins-balancing-on-tippy-sword challenge. Monica is out first, then Ciera, and Tina, Gervase, Laura, Sunburn, Sweat, Shaky, Caleb is out, Wind, Tyson is out, Hayden is out, and Katie wins immunity. Which pretty much means Tina will be voted out, or maybe Monica.

Survivor episode 9 my brother's keeper immunity idol

Tina spends the rest of the day looking for the immunity idol, the boys spend the rest of the day following Tina around the jungle, and everyone considers maybe voting for uber paranoid Monica. The only person who knows that Tina absolutely does not have the idol is Tyson, because he absolutely has the idol. At Tribal Council Redux, Tina lets Monica know that she is on the bottom, Monica lets everyone know that Tyson and Gervase are together, and Caleb and Hayden are together, so…I’m not sure what her point might be?

No big shocker, they vote out Tina.

Next week on Survivor, Ciera wants her mom out of the game.

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