Survivor, Episode 13: Out on a Lamb


Katie joins her mommy on Redemption Island in this week’s Survivor, and Tina starts thinking that maybe she should let Katie win. I guess that’s sweet, if not a tad presumptive. Back at camp, Tyson blames Gervase for letting Ciera know that she is on the bottom of the alliance, which is what sparked the desperate rock-draw because when you have no game left, you might as well leave it up to luck.

Ciera is banking on her mother getting back in the game and finding a hidden immunity idol (which Tyson already found and stashed lovingly in his pants) in order to save Hayden, so that she, Hayden, and her mommy will have the numbers to make it to the end. Whew! Those were some big ol’ leaps she had to make to get into the final three.

The duel is the build-a-long-stick-and-grab-a-key-to-open-a-door challenge. Tina begins by giving Katie specific instructions on how to build her stick, as if Katie is not a full-grown adult who can work this out on her own. Meanwhile, Laura builds a stick and grabs her first key and Tina’s is too short. Blah blah blah, Laura bangs out all three keys and wins the duel before Tina even has her first. Now it’s between Tina and her daughter. Remember when Tina said that she would let her daughter win? Yeah, well, that never happened. Goodbye, Katie. Your mother just loves the game more than she loves you. Oh, and Laura gives the clue to the immunity idol to her daughter, Ciera. But unless that clue leads her to Tyson’s crotch, it’s useless.

Despite their tree-searching abilities, Ciera and Hayden can’t seem to find the hidden idol. They suspect it’s already found, which means their extraordinarily tenuous plan is in the crapper. So, they devise a new plan: convince Monica that Gervase and Tyson aren’t voting her out because she will eventually make for an easy jury vote.


The immunity challenge is a swim to a buoy and a bunch of knots and another swim back to shore and a bag of puzzle pieces and an eight-word phrase spelled out in wooden letters. Somehow, despite being way behind in the swimmy portion of the challenge, Ciera busts out a winning puzzle and is safe from elimination. Oh, and of course, food. She picks Hayden to join her for a lunch which will be delivered to them back at camp.

After a lunch of face-stuffing food, Ciera and Hayden implement their “Tyson and Gervase are only keeping you around because they can beat you, Monica” plan. Once at Tribal Council, Ciera ramps it up with a story about how Tyson and Gervase talk trash about Monica all the time…only she’s never mentioned it before, so…I don’t know. Is it believable when Ciera says, “Evil, rude things have been said” about Monica? Not really. So how does the vote go? Hayden, Gervase, Hayden, Gervase…Hayden. Well, I guess Ciera’s grand plan is kind of kiboshed. But he’ll give the ladies a run for their money over at Redemption Island.

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