HGTV Star Season 8 Finale

HGTV Star Season 8 Finale Contestants - Tiffany Brooks, Brooks Atwood and Jeribai Tascoe

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HGTV Star’s final three – Jeribai, Brooks, and Tiffany – are off to Palm Springs to design fancy shmancy hotel suites at a resort that may be called Rancho Las Plamas, which is like Rancho Relaxo for the luxury audience. They have three days to design their suites, and will do a walk-through of their finished spaces for the Camera Challenge. David Bromstad will be on the panel for the judging, so the contestants will be provided with other help…in the form of returning losers. I mean designers. Well, both:

  • Brooks’s team: Anne & Tylor
  • Tiffany’s team: Boris & Tobin
  • Jeribai’s team: Jessie, Cris, & Abby (his suite is larger, so the extra womanpower evens out)

Jeribai’s concept is a beachy vibe with a turquoise and purple color palette. Tiffany is going for “resort modern” with funky elements and a soft blue wall color and punches of orange and yellow. Brooks is thinking Versailles with deep blues, reds, and golds, which he will somehow combine with mid-century modern. Sure, why not.

The next day, the Property Brothers, Jonathan and Drew, pop in on Tiffany. They are concerned about the size of the fireplace she is creating on a giant wall. Their next stop is Jeribai’s suite. They caution Jeribai on the vast quantity of accessories he will need to finish the space. The Property Brothers’ final stop is with Brooks, and they are worried that his mid-century modern Versailles vision will be dark and confusing.

More shopping, carpet stores, and Tiffany finds a whole mess of pop art for the walls and a giant giraffe for…something. When everyone returns to the space, wall paper has been installed and Jeribai realizes that the blue on his walls is unsophisticated. With six hours to go, Tiffany’s dining room table may not fit up the stairs. They eventually skip the steps and lift it up and over the balcony, so phew! Brooks is rearranging his furniture, including a giant yellow leather couch that is a gorgeous focal piece. Jeribai has two hours to get his furniture into the suite and accessories arranged.

With thirty minutes to go, Tiffany’s modern fireplace is finished but her bedrooms are not. Brooks is scurrying around, rearranging accessories, and Jeribai is just exhausted. But the challenge is not over, because the contestants still have to complete a Camera Challenge.

HGTV Star Season 8 Finale - Tiffany Brooks Designs

The panel arrives in Tiffany’s suite and calls it fresh. Genevieve loves a circular ottoman with a brass tray, and David enjoys the addition of a fireplace. Her colorful aesthetic is also a hit, but her dining room table and chairs is “predictable” and the choice of a jute rug in the bedroom is disappointing.

HGTV Star Season 8 Finale - Jeribai Tascoe Designs

Jeribai’s suite is called “pleasing,” and the panel is impressed with his accessorizing. He also designed a beautiful bedroom, but the graphic carpeting is not hotel-friendly.

HGTV Star Season 8 Finale - Brooks Atwood Designs

Brooks’s suite gets a “wow” from the panel. Genevieve calls it “pretty cuckoo but fun,” though Vern does not like the blue wall color with the gold molding which seems out of place for Palm Springs. David calls Brooks’s bedroom wallpaper “a lot,” and it is noted that he overall has too much going on in the space.

The panel then reviewed the Camera Challenges. Genevieve praises Jeribai’s segue from the living space into the bedroom, but his energy level is low. Tiffany absolutely kills her Camera Challenge with a dynamic, substantive performance. Brooks is an improved version of himself for the Camera Challenge, which is a good thing, I guess.

The panel also has some thoughts on the hotel suites. Jeribai achieves a successful color palette with the orange couch and blue walls, but he left a giant, empty space in the middle of the living area. Tiffany’s fireplace is “phenomenal, but the dining area loses its playfulness. Brooks’s entryway is a “slam dunk” and his layering style is a hit, but the wall color and coverings falls flat.

HGTV Star Season 8 Finale - David Bromstad, Vern Yip, Genevieve Gorder and Sabrina Soto

The panel has reached its decision. The next HGTV Star is Tiffany! Yay! Though I would really enjoy watching a weekly show of Brooks’s bloopers.

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3 thoughts on “HGTV Star Season 8 Finale

  1. This episode was so disappointing! They tried to do way too much in too little time. I would have loved more detail on the process with each designer, the finished product with each designer, and the camera challenge of each, plus more detailed responses from the judges (they literally repeated each other’s comments word for word) and of course a full scale final episode with families and bloopers and the final choice. This whole season has seemed stripped down and laid bare as two people were cut in an episode twice (including this one). That’s just such a bummer: we love this show! Why do it so cheaply and bady? :( A pathetic finish for a fun show.

    • Totally agree. Watching the designers actually work on the space is the best part of the show, and we got none of that other than a few seconds of last minute scramble. Well, there’s always next season….

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