Community Episode 7: Whale Watching

Community Episode 7: Whale Watching
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Dean Pelton wants our favorite students’ help recruiting Archie, who, in college terms, is a “whale.” That means he has low intellect, high lack of ambition, and limitless parental support. Greendale needs a whale because they are low on funds and cannot afford more than one dead pigs for the biology department. But, they need to keep the plans from Chevy Chase because he it when other people get attention. Jeff wants to help hunt the whale because Chevy Chase won’t be there, and nobody wants to be around Chevy Chase. Are you sensing a theme here? Involving the general dislike of Chevy Chase? Yes? Good.

Shirley and Troy sign up for what they think is P.E. class, but it’s really P.E.E. class: Physical Education Education. It’s a class to learn how to teach physical education to physical education students. Since it doesn’t actually involve any physical activity, Shirley quickly rises to the top of the class. She excels in the crucial skill of ranking students in order of ability, whereas Troy gets picked last because he is the worst student in P.E.E. class.

To test their skills, the P.E.E. teacher has drama students play the role of P.E. students in a locker room. Shirley has natural disciplinary skills. Troy, on the other hand, gets tossed in a locker. Nobody deserves to be mocked for being mock locked in a mock locker, so Shirley helps Troy become a better P.E. teacher by teaching Kevin how to play sports and drink from a water fountain.
Chevy Chase crashes the party planning committee, so Jeff takes a hit and distracts him with a whole day together. They go for a shave, and Jeff realizes that shaving your own face is for suckers when there are people to do it for you.  The shave ends with a snifter of brandy, and it turns out that Chevy Chase isn’t such a bad guy after all. He just wanted to get Jeff alone to deal with his father issues. But just as the unlikely pair starts to bond, Chevy Chase finds out that Jeff was only humoring him. Thankfully, good old-fashioned male bonding is hard to squelch, and it looks like Jeff and Chevy Chase will be spending more time at the barber shop, together.
To attract the whale, Dean Pelton offers Half Pikes And Half Pipes class with Professor Shaun White. City College gave Archie a scooter, so Greendale have to give him something even better. Annie suggests drugs, but they settle for telling him about Bikini Class 101 and throwing him a party complete with strippers and a balloon drop.
Archie is impressed and decides to attend Greendale, but Annie is not feeling good about what they’ve done. And when Archie tries to take another student’s catchphrase, Dean Pelton draws a line in the sand. As it turns out, being treated like a normal guy is all Archie ever wanted. Why do I get the feeling we just gained another cast member?
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