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HGTV Brother vs. Brother Episode 6 Finalists

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It’s the finale on Brother vs. Brother, and the brothers have predictably split up the remaining four contestants into boys versus girls. Blah, never seen that on a reality show before. So Monica joins Team Jonathan. Both teams have nearly identical 1978, 1,600 square foot four bedroom, two bathroom tract houses worth $330k. And the homeowners are also identical because it’s twinfest. The teams have three days and $30k to add as much value to the homes as possible. The entire losing team will be eliminated, and Drew and Jonathan will choose the champion from the remaining two contestants.

The girls start ripping the walls and floors apart in the kitchen. Then, Monica plans out the beige, neutral color palette. In Team Drew’s home, David is planning a fireplace feature and laminate flooring to replace the cruddy carpeting. Brett is hacking away at the walls in the kitchen and planning new cabinets, countertops, appliances and a tiled backsplash.

When Jonathan visits the house, he is surprised at the beige brown neutral blah boring color palette and encourages a little bit of…anything. To address Jonathan’s concerns, Monica changes the countertop from neutral brown to neutral grey. Living on the edge there, eh Monica? Jonathan also worries about the lack of upper cabinets in the kitchen (when a wall dividing the living room and kitchen came out, it took the cabinets with it and they have been replaced with…air?), but there’s nothing that anybody can do about that other than scrunch up their faces and hope for the best.

On the last day, Brett desperately lays down the tiles for his backsplash as David pieces together a cover for the electric fireplace. At Team Jonathan’s house, Monica hasn’t even thought about her fireplace yet. Compared to Team Drew’s living room, this one’s a dud. Torche wants to take over the fireplace, but Monica won’t give it up because she knows that it’ll hand the win to Torche. Jonathan steps in and gives the okay to Torche’s fireplace concept, so Monica quietly backs off and continues with her kitchen backsplash.  Team Drew has a bizarre moment with their fireplace and paints the back panel a deep berry with a Tiffany’s blue mantel. It’s bold and creative, and if the judges like it, the fireplace feature will completely outshine the ordinary kitchen.

When the finishing scramble is, well, finished, everyone steps back to look at the homes. Jonathan and Drew bring back all of the experts from previous episodes to evaluate the work. Team Drew’s house is a bold and modern space with a comfortable and functional layout. Team Jonathan’s house is equally impressive, though the color scheme lacks punch and the furniture placement is confusing.

The judges begin with Team Jonathan’s house.

HGTV Brother vs. Brother Episode 6 Finale - Team Jonathan Finished Kitchen

HGTV Brother vs. Brother Episode 6 Finale - Team Jonathan Finished Living Room

HGTV Brother vs. Brother Episode 6 Finale - Team Jonathan Finished Fireplace

The pluses are the dramatic fireplace and the big open space. The negatives are the couch facing a blank wall and the lack of storage space in the kitchen. The original value of the house was $330k, and the new value is $390k, an increase of $60k.

HGTV Brother vs. Brother Episode 6 Finale - Team Drew Finished Kitchen

HGTV Brother vs. Brother Episode 6 Finale - Team Drew Finished Living Room

HGTV Brother vs. Brother Episode 6 Finale - Team Drew Finished Fireplace

In Team Drew’s house, the fireplace design is a plus, but the fireplace is still an outdated electric fireplace. Also, the space does not seem as expansive as Team Jonathan’s house. The kitchen design is impressive, but the construction was not quite up to par. Like Team Jonathan’s house, Team Drew’s house was valued at $330k. The new value is $405k, an increase of $75k. That makes Team Drew the winner, and Torche and Monica are eliminated from the competition.

So now it’s between Bland and Blander. I mean who cares, really? Just let them split the cash. But no. Drew and Jonathan choose David, also known as The Guy On The Left. I do like his scarf. Congratulations, guy. Here’s your champagne and oversized novelty check.

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