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On this week’s episode of Brew Dogs, it’s Vegas, baby! Vegas! When I think of Vegas, I think of beer. Right after I think of gambling, money, hookers, and Siegfried and Roy. To bump beer up on that list, James and Martin set out to brew the most expensive beer in the world, and auctioning it off for gobs and bogs of money.

They start out at a local brewery for some liquid inspiration. An imperial stout does the trick inasmuch as anything called imperial is automatically way more expensive than anything not called imperial.

Showgirls are blindfolded and beer is tasted. The theory is the darker the beer, the richer the flavor. There’s talk of vagazzling, and their eyes are up here, boys. Next, a trip to Artisanal Foods for some extravagant ingredients. Tahitian vanilla beans are $160/lb, so they go in the cart. Saffron is more expensive than gold, so toss it in the basket. Expensive water?! Now that’s just stupid. Here, try some cocoa nibs. Ooh, truffle. And those coffee beans I’ve heard about that are eaten by wild cats and then pooped out the other end. Finally, edible gold. The tab totals $2,220 which is a pretty good start.

We’ve all heard that beer gives a good shampoo because of vitamins and something about cuticles, so why not try it out on a local lady loan shark. She wasn’t hot enough, so they found a former-playmate-current-burlesque dancer to shampoo with the brew. She insists on shampooing Martin’s chest hair with the beer, and I’m not sure we’re seeing the complete footage.

Anyway, a penthouse suite in Caesar’s Palace seems like a great way to spend a lot of money while brewing beer. But pairing it with fancy foods plucked from an exspenive buffet makes it even pricier.

James and Martin fill us in on the top five craft beer bars in Las Vegas, and I’m thinking these guys know what they’re talking about:

5. Pub 1842

4. Aces & Ales

3. Freakin’ Frog (both beer and whiskey)

2. Atomic Liquors (the oldest bar in Las Vegas)

1. Public House (at the Venetian)

And the top five craft breweries in Las Vegas are:

5. Triple 7 Restaurant and Microbrewery

4. Boulder Dam Brewing Co.

3. Big Dog’s Brewing Co.

2. Banger Brewing

1. Joseph James Brewing Co.

Uh, that’s stretching the borders of Vegas quite a bit, but whatever.

Ah hahaha, Caesar arrives in a plastic costume to stir the beer with a plastic sword. There’s really nothing not to love about Vegas. And don’t forget—this beer is brewed with the most expensive water ever. Add in the vanilla, cocoa, golden flecks, black truffle, and yes Martin, after drinking this concoction, you will have the most expensive pee ever peed.

But what about the bottle? Best to commission the bottle from a glass blower. And it’s…ugly. In a very Vegas kind of way. Which means it’s perfect for auctioning off the most expensive beer on the planet. They haven’t named the beer, but it wants to be called Baller Beer soooo bad.

Robin Leach auctions off the bottle of beer because why not? The auction stalls out at $1,250, so Robin tosses in his own cash to up the bid to $2,000. For some reason a bunch of women from Atomic Liquors band together to outbid Robin Leach and purchase one bottle of beer for a new world record of $2,650.

Congratulations ladies!

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