Best Ink 209: True Love

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Two episodes left of Best Ink 2 (which airs on Oxygen on Wednesdays, 10/9C), and we’re down to Jerod, DJ, Teresa, and Alli, most of which are fantastic artists (*cough* not Alli). For the final Flash Challenge, the guest judge is Larry Law, a contributing editor of Tattoo Magazine. Larry explains that the baby portrait is the most difficult tattoo to accomplish because it is a heavy responsibility. The artists have a half hour to sketch a baby photo as a realistic portrait. The winner gets $5,000 and a baby. No, kidding. Just the cash.

While the drawings are good, Joe says that he wants to see tattoos. So in walk the mommies. The artists have four hours to complete the portraits. Jerod made the tattoo look better than the photo. DJ’s tattoo is looking pretty good. Teresa’s tattoo is looking pretty bad. Unsurprisingly, Alli doesn’t really do portraits.

The judges have generally positive comments, and give the top two spots to DJ and Jerod. The win goes to Jerrod. Not only does he get the cash (but not the baby), he gets an advantage in the Ink Challenge.

Jerod Ray's Babby Portrait Tattoo - Best Ink Season 2 Episode 9 Flash Challenge

Jerod’s Baby Portrait Tattoo // Credit: Oxygen Media

The Ink Challenge is a face-off, in two matches. The winner of each match goes straight to the finale, while the bottom two have to battle it out for the third spot. Jerod’s advantage is that he gets to choose the artist he wants to face off against. Gee, I wonder who he’s going to choose…Alli.

The challenge is to ink their loved ones. DJ has to ink his wife, Teresa’s skin is her boyfriend, who doesn’t really like tattoos. Alli is tattooing her brother. Jerod’s skin is his brother. The artists have one hour to prep, and five hours to ink. Teresa’s boyfriend wants “the universe” because she is his world. Jerod prefers realism, and his brother likes traditional tattoos. So they are going to combine the two and Jerrod will ink a realistic traditional tattoo.

Hmm. We’ll see how that goes.

Alli’s brother wants a clock because he is boring. DJ’s wife already has a whole sleeve that represents their relationship, so they’re a little bit lost and settle on a wedding ring and tattoo machine.

Oh ha ha ha ha ha! Alli inked the clock with Roman numerals and she got the number four wrong! DJ’s inking another ribbon, but with some inking machines drawn in there. Jerrod is doing a sailor chick portrait in a realistic style. Teresa’s universe involves pixels and a funky burst of flames.

Jerod Ray's Final Tattoo - Best Ink Season 2 Episode 9 Ink Challenge

Jerod’s Tattoo // Credit: Oxygen Media

The judges kind of maybe like Jerod’s tattoo, except he got lost somewhere along the way by trying out a new style of tattooing.

Alli Baker's Final Tattoo - Best Ink Season 2 Episode 9 Ink Challenge

Alli’s Final Tattoo

Alli’s tattoo is ugly. Really, really, ugly. For some reason the judges like it.

DJ Tambe's Final Tattoo  - Best Ink Season 2 Episode 9 Ink Challenge

DJ’s Final Tattoo // Credit: Oxygen Media

DJ’s tattoo is good, but the judges think that the color is confusing and disjointed.

Teresa Sharpe's Final Tattoo - Best Ink Season 2 Episode 9 Ink Challenge

Teresa’s Final Tattoo // Credit: Oxygen Media

Teresa’s tattoo is unique and the judges love it, a lot.

Between Jerod and Alli, the winner is Jerod. Between DJ and Teresa, the winner is DJ. So Alli and Teresa will now go up against each other for the last spot in the finale. In one fell swoop, the judges eliminate Alli from the competition and give Teresa the last spot in the finale. Yay!

Next week, it’s the season finale, where they will each tattoo a celebrity skin.

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