The Amazing Race, Ep. 9: Accidental Alliance


On this week’s episode of The Amazing Race Brendon and Rachel depart first at 6:13 a.m. and are headed to Switzerland. As they jog away from the pit stop, they try to justify U-Turning the Howells, which, according to everyone else, is unjustifiable. “Who would U-Turn Dave and Conner? They’re cancer survivors, they’re the sweetest people in the whole world, I mean while we’re in Italy they were canonized for crying out loud.”

With not a second to spare, the Cousins, the Howells, and My Family Is Famous hop on the same train as Brendon and Rachel. They form an alliance to get the evil duo eliminated, but wait—where are the Cowboys? They’re waiting for a different train, which sounds like not the best idea in the world.

Once in Switzerland, the four teams in the front of the pack hop in their sponsored cars and drive to a small town in the Alps to find Wilhelm Tell. A statue tells them to come back at sunrise, which gives the Cowboys time to catch up. The clue sends tems to the oldest bridge in Europe which is in the town of Lucerne. Rachel and Brendon are the only team to screw this one up, which is fairly delightful.


The clue sends teams to a hotel that has been trashed by rock stars where they must clean the rooms to Swiss standards. But I don’t know, these rooms just look messy and tousled, not trashed. Helga is the head of cleaning, and she rejects the Cowboy’s room, the Cousin’s room, and My Family Is Famous’s room, and the Howell’s room. Brendon and Rachel arrive and it turns out that Rachel was a maid for four years.

Their first room-check is close, with only one reading lamp in the wrong spot. The Cowboys finish first and must drive to the Swiss Museum of Transport and answer a question to receive their next clue. The Cousins and the Howells receive their clues next, followed closely behind by My Family Is Famous. At the museum, teams must figure out that they’re looking at a giant drill bit. The Cowboys totally knew what it was and had to search the museum for a classic Ford Mustang and calculate the model year of their car using the billboards and a mathematic formula. Uhh…math is hard.

The Cousins arrive next and have no idea what the artifact is, but the Howells know and tell the Cousins and My Family Is Famous. Wow, they all really, really, really want Brendon and Rachel out. And it works, because when Rachel and Brendon arrive they have some serious time-sucking trouble answering the question.

The Cowboys again finish first and receive a clue to drive to another beautiful mountain village, with the Howells and the Cousins right behind. But the Cousins go back to help My Family Is Famous who are lousy at math and they both drive off, leaving Brendon and Rachel in the dust. But Brendon and Rachel are no dummies and bang out the task in no time flat, so it’s really anyone’s game.


Roadblock! Fetch milk from a dairy farm using a dog and cart…via gondola. The milk cans are seriously heavy, and it’s uphill in the snow both ways. Once back down the mountain on the gondola, the dogs do the heavy work and pull the milk on a cart. The Cowboys pull ahead of the Howells with a bigger, faster dog and receive a clue to the pit stop in another pretty town, on top of another pretty mountain.

The Howells arrive at the gondola up to the pit stop first because their driving skills and make a huge error—they didn’t see the sign to the second gondola that takes them all the way to the top, and it puts the Howells, the Cowboys, and the Cousins in the same gondola. There’s angling for a spot by the door, and it’s a foot race to the finish. Te Cowboys and the Cousins take a wrong turn, letting the slowpoke Howells finish as Team Number One. And, they each won a car. Ugh. The Cowboys are second, and the Cousins third.

Remember those heavy cans of milk? My Family Is Famous is still schlepping them around a mountain as Brendon and Rachel check in as Team Number Four. But, it’s another non-elimination leg so My Family Is Famous catches another lucky break and is still in the Race.

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