RIP XOX Betsey Johnson


I always double-check my DVR to make sure that my stories are recording because I am just that dedicated to the television lifestyle. So imagine my surprise on Sunday night when XOX Betsey Johnson was not in the line-up, and a search under the show’s name turned up no results. When it didn’t appear on the Style Network’s weekly schedule, my last resort was LuLu Johnson’s Twitter feed. After sifting through endless brain drippings, I found one that said the show would be on next week. Huh. That seemed strange, but maybe the Style Network didn’t want to go up against that mind-blowing episode of Game Of Thrones? Or the premiere of The Real Housewives of New Jersey?

The thing is, XOX Betsey Johnson is not on the Style Network’s schedule for next Sunday, either. Or any other day. It’s just…gone. So although no one from the Style Network wants to say it out loud, I’m going to do it for them: XOX Betsey Johnson has been cancelled. Time of death, somewhere between the mid-1980s and the early 1990s.

Now the real fun is speculating as to why the show was yanked off of the air after only three episodes. My guess? Betsey was making the big and powerful Steve Madden, Ltd. look like a bunch of a) fools; b) hacks; and c) opportunists. In other words, bad. Very, very bad. Hopefully someone will start talking soon because I’m kind of dying to hear the dirt. Zina. Call me. 

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7 thoughts on “RIP XOX Betsey Johnson

  1. I wouldn’t say her relationship with her daughter was quirky, her daughter was psychotic and nasty. She will never be successful. Betsy is unique. Jealous of her mothers success. Right now I’m watching her on HSN. Now she’s selling here. What about Steve Madden?

  2. I thought I was the only one that noticed, I couldn’t find any info about it online and you’re right it shows no upcoming episodes on my DVR either. I liked the show because I love Betsey Johnson but maybe not enough people tuned in… We”ll see, I’ll be tuning in 6/9 to see if the show resumes.

  3. Stay tuned June 9, per Betsey’s tweet:

    Betsey Johnson ‏@xoBetseyJohnson 2 Jun
    Enjoying my weekend to the max! Heads Up! #xoxbetsey isn’t on tonight! Next week its on and popping! 1st look! Xox

    • Problem is, it’s not on the television schedule for June 9th, or ever. I hope that I’m wrong, but all signs point to cancelled.

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