Community Episode 3: Bow Down Before Thoraxis

Community Episode 3: Bow Down Before Thoraxis

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Britt and Troy are in bed watching old episodes of Inspector Spacetime, which is like a low budget Dr. Who. They’re also trying to hide the fact that Psst! Everyone! Troy and Britt had sex! but Abed already knows and doesn’t seem to care.

After gratuitous shots of Britt in black lingerie, Abed convinces Jeff to join everyone on a roadtrip to the Inspector Spacetime convention, or “InspectiCon” for those who choose to leave their action figures hermetically sealed in the original packaging. And by “everyone,” I mean not Chevy Chase.

At the convention, Britta is on a mission to find the only female inspector, Annie tries out a little cosplay, and Jeff wants to leave and go skiing…until he realizes that he bears a striking resemblance to a character on the show, Thoraxis.

One of Abed’s Internet friends, Toby, shows up. This freaks Troy out because the bond between Internet friends is strong and he is afraid that Abed will replace him with Toby. Britt advises Troy to play it cool so that he doesn’t scare Abed off.

Meanwhile, Shirley and Chevy Chase arrive even though nobody wants them there…except for the market researchers who are focus grouping an American version of Inspector Spacetime. Chevy Chase immediately ruins the show by suggesting they cast a tall blonde chick with a tennis racket.

And where’s Annie? Oh, she’s alone in a hotel room and goes a little batty when the room service guy calls her “Mrs. Winger.” She weaves an elaborate fantasy about their perfect marriage, until the room service guy tells her that Mr. Winger is in the lobby chatting up a lady (who has mistaken him for Thoraxis).  Rather than come back down to reality, she plays it out to the end and Jeff ends up with a drink in his pretty face.

Troy goes similarly psycho girlfriend on Abed, and it sends Abed running into the arms of Toby. But there’s something off about Toby. Like most Internet friends, his story doesn’t quite add up. Plus, he’s a walking Wallace & Gromit character. Abed realizes that he needs both Troy and Toby, but Toby’s not interested in sharing Abed with anyone and locks him in a phone booth. This leads to a Troy and Toby showdown, with Toby surrendering quicker than the French, and Troy and Abed rekindling their bromance.

Speaking of bromances, Jeff confronts Annie about the whole “Mrs. Winger” thing. She fesses up that she was upset about being ditched at the convention and maybe was sort of fantasizing that they were married. He lets her down easy, but to make him suffer just a little bit, she forces Jeff to order her an appletini. And that’s when we get treated to Jeff ripping off his shirt. Don’t ask, just enjoy the visual.

Oh! And cameos by Luke Perry and Jennie Garth starring in the American version of Inspector Spacetime. Thank you, Chevy Chase.

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