Community Episode 11: Freaky Friday

Community Episode 11: Freaky Friday

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The group gets a history assignment: Pick any moment from history and tell the story in the form of a banner. Chevy Chase says something that nobody listens to because nobody cares what Chevy Chase says. Jeff needs the assignment to be “doable and passable,” nothing more. Annie has lots of ideas involving decoupage, paint, and glitter.

It’s the anniversary of Britta and Troy’s first date. But Troy cares more about his anniversary with Abed because one year ago, they watched Freaky Friday…and they try to do the whole switching places thing but it doesn’t work. Or does it….The next morning, Troy’s acting a little bit Abedy, and Abed is acting a little bit Troyesque. After taking a moment to inspect the goods, they start the day in bizarro world.

When Troy and Abed arrive in the study room, they explain what happened with the whole switcheroo thing, and, like Chevy Chase, nobody cares. In order to switch back, they will need to recreate yesterday, which means finding the lost Freaky Friday DVD.

Britta calls Troy and Abed out on their story by going on her anniversary date with Faux Abed, who’s supposedly Troy. Then, they have “the talk.” About their relationship. Britta finds it easier to talk to Abed about Troy, so it helps that Troy is Abed. Then Troy, as Abed, breaks up with Britta, who is Britta.

Meanwhile, Dean Pelton tricks Jeff into switching bodies, and the results are rather amusing. Faux Troy has a talk with Jeff, who is now real Jeff again? Or is this Dean Pelton pretending to be Jeff? Somehow, Faux Dean Pelton is really Jeff. So there are two Jeffs? But this Faux Pelton must be Jeff because he says, “I’m at Greendale, stuck in the body of a man who could be Gollum.” Plus, Annie is oddly attracted to him.

Jeff, who may or may not be Dean Pelton, tells Faux Troy that Real Troy needs to show Britta that he cares. So Faux Troy finds Faux Abed, and they switch back to their own bodies (checking the goods for authenticity again). Then, the really real Troy tells Britta that he wanted it to work so badly…but they’re better in the friend zone. It’s okay, though. No really. They hug it out and everything.

While everyone was out Freaky Fridaying, Chevy Chase made all of the history banners. And, Dean Pelton says “having Jeffrey inside of me” about twelve times too many. But in the end, everyone is who they are supposed to be, and with who they are supposed to be with. I think.

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